Saturday, December 25, 2010

christmas cards and parties

oopsy- found this post and apparently I saved it and didn't post it, so enjoy

Jeff and I have been loving up the Christmas festivities! As you can see we both enjoyed seeing Santa Caluse! And we have both been VERY good and expect a very Christmas, and he promised us nothing less so..... ;)

And please notice Jeff giddy as can be sitting on Santa's lap!

we have had so many fun parties and get togethers with friends. Jeff and I have ben very lucky in the gift exchanges ($20 to Rio, $25 to the Dodo, the movie Hitch, and a Einstiens gift card). I think it is a tribute to us having been so good this year.

We are sending these out, if you didn't get one, maybe you should be a better friends and try a little bit harder next year.

But if you see it on the blog then you are my good friend, so Merry Christmas

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