Thursday, January 20, 2011

R.I.P King Louie

I am reading this over and realize that this is sort of like a journal entry... so I apologize in advance for the blabbing on and on, that is if you decide to read it.

Today has been a little bit sad. I am putting my cat to sleep. And I didn't think that I was that attached to him but apparently I really am because I have been teary all morning. He is such a sweet cat but he has a lot of struggles that we cannot keep up with.

*and now I have to explain them so you don't think I am just a cat-killer for no reason.

Louie is a Himalayan. Which are pretty high-end cats. Both his parents were show cats and had won awards. We got Louie about 5 years ago, I had to beg beg beg my Dad to let me get one. And then I had to drive to Logan to pick him up and fork out $250.00! He was probably the cutest kitten you had ever seen! When we got him he was litter trained and then somewhere down the road he lost that bit of training... You do not understand how much $$$ has gone into that cat; buying new furniture, throwing blankets and clothes away, getting our carpets cushions, mattresses, pillows cleaned, etc. We have seriously tried so many different things to help him. We have bought every different kitty litter you can, we seriously had a cat-therapist come ( I dunno- my Mom hears she worked wonders...), we had tried anxiety medicine, Everything that anyone has suggested we have tried and nothing has worked. So we have decided that there is just amissing link- he just doesnt get it, He has peed and pooed in EVERY room of our house, and probably on 30% of the furniture. And we can't just let him be an outdoor cat becaus ehe is de-clawed and has a bully-cat that gets him. And he has had some pretty bad battle scars over the years.

It has become a really hard thing to deal with... We stress every time we go out of town. There is NO ONE to give him away too- he isn't very appealing sounding right? And I refuse to take him to the pound where he may or may not get adopted, if he does- he will probabaly just go back/fourth from the pound to another home, or he will be abused because his problem. And if he doesnt get adopted that means he spends the last of his life in a cage (too sad). And I'd be too anxious that entire week to know what happened with him and too nervous when he goes to a home. It just won't work that way.

We have talked to our vet many times this week and over the years about what to do, and we just think this is the right conclusion. And I will see him in heaven right? I was really talking to my friend about this and how all animals go to heaven- so he'll for sure be there.

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  1. Murderer of love! Just kidding. I'd kill the cat too. I just like that line from "Dan in Real Life."