Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Park City Love

Today is the first day of February, which is the month that we got engaged! And the month that celebrates LOVE. In honor of this month and Valentines I decided to wear this necklace that Jeff gave me last Valentines. I was a little sad to part with the neckalce that Jeff gave me as a wedding gift, but it's an even switch! We hope that everyone enjoyes this month and it is one step closer to warm sunny Spring!

After class we headed up to Park City for some shopping and lunch. It is so freakin cold today but it is super pretty. This picture doesn't really do it justice since we are driving it's not really that clear- but I did see a HUGE elk on the way up :)

After shopping we stopped at Park City Coffee Roasters. I have visited this place often when I work at the Crew. It is so delicious and everything is homemade!

I enjoyed this tasty little treat! Halloween will never die! Pumpkin Spice soy steamer! It made all my cold bones go away!

See how pleased I am!