Tuesday, February 8, 2011

DMV nightmare and Step

So as many of you know, I am married. and when you get married you have the joyous task of having to physically change your name everywhere it is documented importantly; passport, license, school records, social security, as well as switching your bank account, which actually is joyous!

So today is a story about getting my license. Jeff and I were smart in the sense that instead of going to the DMV that I have always gone to we went out to Draper -which is far but SO worth it! It was 2:30 in the afternoon, and we waited like 30 seconds before we got called up. I will always go there. Plus we get to drive by the Midway to Heaven billboard, Ikea, and the Trafalga water slides- so ya know, it is kinda awesome! haha

The disaster at the DMV occurred immediately after I arrived and they said, "Ok, just sit down and we'll take your picture." I seriously considered just coming back. And I know that everyone says that their picture is bad, but this was bad- we went right after gymming it up. Whatever. After I checked in and took the picture, and accepted the awfulness. I was then called up and the sweet gentleman helping me asked me if I had ever seen the movie the Little Rascals (of course I have). He then asked me if I remembered the one whos hair stuck up (yes, Alfalfa). Then he told me that my picture kinda looked like him. Yes my hair was sticking straight up! I think that he felt that I needed a re-do cause he told me to go back to the counter, BUTT everybody and re-take my picture. So I did, in front of all those angry people.

I was sad too, because I was prepared for my last picture and I liked it. And I only took it last year. The DMV must not trust people. Rude.

And onto my next story. I don't know what my deal is, but I must be feeling pretty confident in my athletic abilities. Jeff and I got gym memberships for Christmas, and we have been pretty good about using them. I am kind of taking it to the next level by taking full advantage of their classes. And now that I think about it -it's a little bit silly that I do this. So far I have gone to Yoga and Step. Upcoming I have bodypump, cycle, and zumba to conquer.

Tonight I journeyed into Step. And I was WAY over my head! The picture above is kinda the only material needed and somehow I still sucked. But I think that everyone there is kinda professional, so it's only normal I don't know whats going on.

And the Instructor... instead of saying things like right and left, he just says "reverse." (WHAT?) And instead of simple sayings like "step up" (hence, the class name) he says things like "six step" "straddle" "mambo" "make it fancy" "skip" It was all very confusing, and there are some people there who are legit dancers and they will spin their arms and kick high kicks. I was just so out of my league. I was kinda walking around the platform. But I was sweating and I was tired- so yeah I'll go again. I tried to convince Jeff to come with me, and I wish MORE THAN ANYTHING that he did!

Sometimes I get nervous that I will go through an entire class and will realize at the end that there is someone in there that I know- I am so terrible I would be so embarrassed!

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  1. Hello sister cousin :) hahaha. I love this post because I can SO relate. My friends and I took a step class at Utah State and OH MY....we were definately NOT the dancers in the class and you could tell...not so graceful. I was always confused....haha Gotta love Step!! The MAMBO!!!! SCISSORS!!!and STRADDLE!!!