Tuesday, March 8, 2011

baby creer

On Saturday the 26th, my sister welcomed a little baby boy Creer into the family!

Elliott Moyle Creer
6 lbs. 8 oz.

sorry that I LOVE babies and won't be welcoming one anytime soon!
And I know that it looks like he doesn't open his eyes, but he does,
he is always just super comfy when I hold him...
and apparently babies sleep 22 hours a day- LAME!
But really he is precious and amazing and I love him so much!
And it's strange how much it makes me enjoy being around this guy...

for some reason he is kinda striving for attention with visitors so he is way funny and hyper when I come around... cause I'm his favorite aunt and he doesn't want to lose me, and I totally don't blame him.
I am so lucky to have married into Jeff's 'much larger than mine' family! and have inherited so many new nephews! I was getting bored with Winston... NOT! But it's great to have so many darling things running around at every family event!

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