Tuesday, March 8, 2011


a little bit ago we got a little snowshoeing adventure organized and headed out.

Some of us a little in over our heads than others... not us!

We were well prepared with some serious snowshoeing gear to head



look how freaking happy we are... at 6 AM

Here we are with our tour guide aka Jeff's brother/outdoors man.

We did really good at keeping up with him, until it got hard and long.

But then we were mostly just slap happy

and tried to climb up a VERY hard short cut hill where I lost my snowshoe.

This is my hottie Jeff. As you can tell we were workin' hard!

But we are no quitters and we made it to the top!
The very deceiving top that you can't see the end of until all of the sudden you turn and a-ha

And of course, after we were greeted with GOURMET FRENCH TOAST! holla!

It was so freakin' delicious and we devoured it like wolves (which we kinda were since we had just come off the mountain).

eliza jane. jeff. sara. erik. michael.

(Vera not pictured. busy creating deliciousness for us)

Also... a little shout out to Erik for getting into THUNDERBIRD!

Yeah, we are way stoked on making multiple visits to the sunny and always hot AZ!

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