Thursday, March 3, 2011

once upon a time... we got engaged

When Jeff and I got engaged it had been a long time coming! I was expecting it every time I saw him after he got home from a summer away. I really thought I was having a winter wedding. So you can only imagine my frustration when it happened 6 months later- poor me. Just kidding, but there were complications with the ring (it is my Grandma's and my Mom comes from a family of 5 girls so you can only imagine). But I really was anticipating it way too much- to the point where I was constantly upset that I didn't have ring on my finger!

And many imortant dates came and went- what the heck, so I was very thrown off when I was called upon by my sister to work and had to run errands (she is an interior designer and I work for her running errands picking up stuff/dropping stuff off, returning etc.) So I am busy running all these errands; anthro, z gallery, pottery barn, and orchid dynasty. Everything was mostly pre-purchased, I had to pick out some stuff on my own from descriptions. My last errand was to pick up orchids from orchid dynasty for an open house, I was just told to pick up flowers for Caitlin Creer... as I am waiting and wandering around the store, a man named Jeff brings out my flowers! (Jeff is my husband).

I am shocked, and very confused, Jeff gets one one knew and proposes! The ring is tied on the orchid. He was smart enough to arrange for someone to be there to capture the moment on video and film!
After we went to a little cafe for hot chocolate and he brings along with him the packages that I had been picking up all day long- they were all for me! We enjoyed delicious hot cocoa and were off to get ready for dinner.

I got home and my over excited Mom had bought me a new outfit to wear (sweetest). We went to dinner at my all-time favorite, and pricey restaurant Tiburon. After we spent the night visiting with friends and family!

Here are the prictures of the big day taken by molly jones photography. check it.

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  1. i love the pic of you two standing by the orchid. the one that's just your lower halfs