Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Amy Jo!

Yesterday we celebrated Amy Jo's 30th Birthday! When I came into Jeff's family I was quickly welcomed by one of Amy Jo's famous hugs! She is such a sweetheart! During this photo session alone we both walked away with 4 hugs! We just love her! She had a little Surprise Birthday Party the other day and we were so happy to be there for it! There was a darling video and pictures galore of so many memories of Amy's life. There were also too many treats for me to have access to.

In this photo above we are asking her about all her beautiful jewels and she is explaining how sweet her boyfriend David is for getting them for her. We met David, and he is so sweet!

Later that day we headed up to Midway to start Spring Break off early and enjoy the vacation! We had a delish lunch in Park City at Kneaders and loved it!
I also wanted to show you Jeff's new haircut, he's getting pretty stylish! He has branched off a little bit and gotten haircuts that cost money.
In addition to the new haircut, he has a mustache. Mustache March! I support it.

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