Tuesday, March 29, 2011

SB 2011: Las Vegas

it's obvious we are vegas right?

My Mom still thinks that it is her Birthday... like every day. It not, her day came and went and was celebrated 11 times. A surprise lunch at the CC, every day they were in Hawaii, a family dinner, and she kind f thought Vegas was for her... so selfish.

We had SO much fun! We didn't have much planned for Spring Break, and since I was determined to go somewhere, got work off- so did Jeff, I did the what any poor newly wed would do... I invited my parents! I am so lucky that I married a golfer, it gets us the inny on so many things. I just say to my Dad, "You and Jeff can go golfing." DONE!

Jeff and I were super tan to begin with, and came home even more tan. But I didn't want to make anyone jealous of our deep indian skin color so I put the picture in black and white.

we did not go to LOVE, but that didn't stop us!

and how could we not gamble. Free money is always welcome.

Vegas really is a different place... you would never know we were in a recession.

the casino's are PACKED!

The only thing that gives it away are the Mom and Grandma waiters wearing nurse outfits taking drink orders in the Casino's. poor things.

We were lucky enough to score tickets to KA.

Which was beyond amazing.

I do not understand how you could ever be comfortable on stage

in front of many many people... in a thong.

and not just standing still or posing, but dancing and bouncing around

which would make normal people jiggle all sorts of things-

but these people had BUNS OF STEEL (like me).

We were all boo hoo to go. But all good things must come to an end.

Not marriages though.

Play by Play:

We loved our little Spring Break. First half spent in Midway, relaxing and eating too much! And then we headed to Las Vegas with my parents for some sunshine (wind), golfing, shopping, and entertainment! We were actually staying at a resort 20 minutes away from the strip, which we didn't mind. And we went into the heart of things at night.

The first day we walked around the resort; checking out the shops and the lake. My Mom and I layed at the pool and were strong through the gusts of wind. We were really hoping to look like we went on a Spring Break. Jeff and my Dad (or the Men, as my Mom referred to them) went golfing. My Dad won, which was his goal for the trip. That night we ate at Cheesecake Factory. My parents still think this is a vacation place even though we not have one in Utah... And divulged ourselves and our tummy's with cheesecake! YUM! We then did some shopping, where I was strictly told I could only pick one... sad.

The next day was very very similar. Except it was a little bit warmer. And the Men got home earlier and joined us at the pool. We got tickets to see KA that night, and my parents got tickets to see the Blue Mane Group (for some reason I think this is sooooo funny). We were quick on dinner since we had to pick up my brother Will to ride home with us. So we ate at this weird little Italian style food court place with a waitress who was woman man voice. But we both enjoyed our shows. KA was incredible!

The next day we went home, and I was claustrophobic in the car. Will rode home with us so there were three of us in the car and I was not a good traveler on the way home. And Jeff forced my seatbelt on me. I kept telling Jeff I was bored, and I didn't have anything to play with or do. I get headaches so easily, just glancing at Jeff's phone kills me! I was no fun in the car and kept begging for stretch your legs stops! I was just out of my element.

Of course we stopped at Rio on the way home! I saved up all day and was starving just in time! My Dad is a good sport- he does not like Rio- mostly for the loud atmosphere and the quick ordering style. He calls it Cafe Ya-hoo. For some reason I think this is so funny!

I hope that everyone had a fun and safe SB. Lots of sadness happened this SB and I just want everyone to remember to say "I love you" and to be so grateful for each and every day that they have with each other.

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