Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Sunday!

I love dying Easter Eggs- I hope you can read that! It says Easter 2011 and Jeff loves Eliza!

This picture is kinda weird... Oh well. Just scroll down quickly.

I just wanted to make sure that everyone knew celebrated Easter properly by going to church.

We were in charge of the spinach salad! And everyone said that it was delicious!

Easter Dinner was great, apparently you are supposed to have either have turkey or ham, so we seriously had the works of a Thanksgiving dinner! And I enjoyed it a little too much!

Here was our Easter egg dying station!

My brother is weird.

I love Easter, and yes I did a little Easter egg hunt for Jeff in the morning. I hid little eggs everywhere, but didn't really have time to get a ton of delicious candy. But I found some delicious treats at my parents house. That may have been a couple years old... But Jeff is too sweet and scarfed them down without saying anything... haha. I also didn't have that much candy so I put silly notes I wrote to him when we were dating.

When we went to my parents house they also had a little Easter egg hunt for us: you would think I was FIVE if you heard how loud I screamed and jumped up off the couch to hunt down my basket! We lucked out this year and I got my annual little Easter necklace, and somehow we got Eggo's... I don't know who or if either of us even voiced our liking to Eggo's but Jeff has also scarfed them down. I had no idea he liked Eggo's so much. They're not really my thing; I used to eat Eggo's frozen- they just bring back weird memories.

Anyways, love Easter, love Jeff. and Love the time we were able to spend with our families.

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