Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Shivers Birthday for J.R.

Happy Birthday J.R. Let me just introduce you to my hawaiin brother- so we aren't confused...

J.R. is basially my brother, he has been in my life and a part of our family for for about 15 years.

(if you know me, then you know that my house is kind of a free hotel).

Out of all my 4 brothers- he is the most protective and easily gave Jeff the hardest time.

J.R. is super fun and we just love him!

Yesterday was J.R.'s Birthday! Happy Birthday! And to celebrate we went to Shivers!

Shivers is a definite family favorite of ours! We drive there just to get their diet cola's!

lately I have become a huge fan of sweet potatoe fries and I devoured them!

me and brother will.

Winston is darling.

after we played games and ate delicious treats; of course my favorite: chex mix!

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