Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Tonight was awesome! I decided to be like every other blog and blog about my meal and take pictures.

But I have real reasons!

This was mega homemade. So kinda epic for me.

And the second time that I used my crock pot, and so much work went into this meal.

Chopped carrots, onions (tears of joy were shed), celery, spinach, tomatoes.

Delicious! And time consuming- so sorry I had to be THAT blogger and post my food.

You guys are lucky tho that I don't because everything I eat is super super healthy...(I think that fries are healthy because potatoes are veggies)

Anyways soup was heaven! And instead of ditalini pasta, we used veggie curly pasta- also heaven!

I act like I'm a chef, haha. But in this picture I am more of a lumberjack.

I love bread! I would take it over candy, ice cream, chocolate, etc.

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