Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cruising like Locals

Yesterday Kayde and I ventured out. We decided to hit up Old Towne for an art gallery that we didn't end up finding. But we did discover a Visitors Center where we got a lot of brochures and coupon books. yay for deals! And we did go into a photo gallery. So our initial intentions for an Old Towne art gallery were fulfilled. And we did stumble upon a man jungling knives. and we did get a picture with him! And you bet that is his hand on my's ok though- I was wearing my wedding ring so he knew I was off-limits. Maybe he thought that Kayde and I were an item.

And Kayde is thinking about getting a dog out here- so of course I went with her! She wants to be a good Samaritan and adopt a dog dog dizzle. While we were there we fell in love with these kittens. And I think that the reason that there are so many animals at the Humane Society is because they are kind of pricey... these kittens were $125.00 each!

This little girl was hogging the kittens though and wouldn't share the cage. That was no fun. And when I would take pictures she would turn and pose. She was extremely cute and even had a kitten shirt on so I forgive her, and her Dad had like two teeth- but I don't forgive him. Dental hygiene is sort of a must.


Don't even stress though guys, cause I filled out a volunteer application online and I am expecting a call any day. My application was pretty impressive and the fact that I saved Moby's life. I may have tweaked the application and said that I did adopt Moby- which I kind of did just not formally, taking him to the Humane Society in SL would have been just an extra step and $$$funds$$$ that I didn't want to dish out.


After we went and filled our bellies with fro yo! Yum! And then I went to turbo kick (basically tae bo) and tried to learn how to fight bad guys. P.S. BIlly Blanks is still practicing if you were wondering. He's is kind of old- but Im sure his abdominal muscles are still in tact. And a little fyi about me- I still do Tae Bo on VHS. And I sweat like a person who works out a lot! haha

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