Saturday, June 4, 2011

SLC visit

This week I went back to SL for a short little visit.

I had a good friends wedding to attend.

But Before I left Ft. Collins- they had a little going away party for me (so nice)!

And since everyone in Jeff's office worked so hard we also celebrated that.

Inca is a fun little Mexican Restaurant with delicious fish tacos!

Apparently being away for three weeks really takes a tole on my Mom.

It was like my mission homecoming.

Right when I got off the plane we went to lunch with my sister.

Stopped at my brothers condo downtown- because seeing him the next day was too far away.

And stopped at my other brother's work to say hi also because the next day was too far away.

And I talked her out of taking me to my see my neighbor nannying my nephew on her first day!

I was finally able to go home, and shower the plane ride off.

Ellen's wedding reception was that night- so it was so fun to visit and see so many familiar faces!

And I am so happy for Ellen and Gabe!

Ellen did things a little different:

reception first followed by wedding ceremony and lunch the next day.

It was so fun to be able to go to everything and share the day with them!

The next day after Ellen and Gabe's beautiful afternoon, I had a little BBQ with my family.

I miss these babies so MUCH!

he is a deer in headlights...

Oh but he laughs and smiles! I can't get over it!

He's holding his head up all by himself!

He's just so rad!

The nexy day I went to lucnh with my goodies at the Dodo.

It was good to hear all te SL gossip I've beenmissing out on!

Our waitress was weird- I did not enjoy her.

And that night I had a date with my Mom, neighbor Karen, and her niece.

We went to Jane Eyre and oh my goodness it was so good!

I have never read the book, it is on my summer 'to-do' list!

But the movie was amazing and I loved it. After we met up wit my sister for fro yo.

And it was so fun to chat and catch up!

The next day I went to lunch with my parents and my Grandma. And she is the sweetest and gave me andmy two brothers our birthday gifts (summer birthdays). Because she said she doesn't want to die and forget FYI: she is super healthy and is doing well! It was way funny!

We went to Citrus Grill, where she has never been and she loved it. She ordered pizza!

Grandma Grandma Grandma!

It was such a fun little trip! And I got back just in time for my welcome home dinner and we also celebrated how well the Office did that day. Killing two birds with one stone!

As you can tell I wasn't lying when I told you how much I love lunch- in an earlier post.

It's just so fun and great to get together with everyone.

I was also able to stop by Jeff's house and see some his family before his parents head to HI.

And yes, I took them little plane ride treats. I am super nice adn thoughtful like that- and wanted you to all know that I am that nice person.

Anyways, yay for SL and visits! My Mom and sister are actually going otbe here in 2 weeks! I am super excited- it should be some dandy fun!

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