Friday, June 10, 2011

Sleepy Time

I thought this might be entertaining to you...
Just don't judge us on the bed, we didn't pick it out.
And I put the picture in black and white because the bedspread is emerald green...
Anyways... this is a king size bed, this is where the pillows are- and yes we do sleep with our heads on the pillows. Every morning Jeff gets up and show me with his hands how much room he has every night. I think I may be a little clingy when it comes to sleeping because I am locked to his side, as you can tell from the photo. He has a little tiny corner of the bed and Jeff always says that there are miles of white next to me. I think that I would be fine sleeping in a twin bed.

I think I like to be so close because 1) I love Jeff oodles 2) I am probably the only person who slept in a twin bed growing up. Everyone I know was spoiled and had a queen.
We may be the only people married who actually cuddle in their sleep.
I believe that I only need a bed the size of me


  1. same exact situation happens with me and gabe every night! hahahahaha

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