Tuesday, June 14, 2011


We are SURROUNDED by delicious eats! It is super lame that Jeff is gone all the time, but also a blessing to my summer bod! However on Saturdays when Jeff gets home we usually go out to a fun restaurant. So on Saturday we went to Wahoo's. When Jeff was on his mission he loved this place so I was excited to try it. It was yum!

HI! This is good!

On a different note: My Mama cita and sista from another mista (not really..) are coming to VISIT! They will be here tomorrow! I am way excited.
We are going to kill it here in Ft. Collins. They don't even know what's coming!

On another different note: We have a spider problem!
I think that I kill a mega killer everyday!
This has to stop! I think they are hobos too! I keep telling Jeff that I will get bit in the face and have a crater- then he will feel bad for not complaining to the apartments.
But really it is a problem. Just last night, we were getting ready for bed and Jeff saw a spider and as soon as I heard him say spider since I didn't know where it was I freaked and didn't know where to go to protect myself. Literally my heart was pounding and I sensed my death. Somehow I managed to somewhat jump on the counter backwards and kind of land in the sink and spill out my contacts and toothpaste myself.

Jeff murdered it, but I was still really shook up and Jeff kept apologizing and saying that it wasn't his fault- so I shouldn't be so mad haha. It was pretty funny. Well no it wasn't funny. Nothing about spiders is funny. But he was pretty surprised about how much it affected me.

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