Wednesday, June 15, 2011

taste of Ft. Collins

There was kind of a little fair in town. Or super similar to the fair.
We went to the Taste of Ft. Collins this weekend, and it was somewhat of a rip-off. But it was a fun atmosphere with rides and way too much food with top notch dollars for it. So we decided paying to go in and walk around just to leave and eat somewhere else was worth it...
That is exactly what we did. We stopped in and walked around in the sunshine blazing hot heat and then decided to ditch out and go to a restaurant instead.

Pizza = always a good idea.

And there was a bus painting station...

But my most favorite was this part...
That is Jeff plugging his ears. And Ashlyn plugging her ears.
Just some background information Ashlyn is 5 going on 16. Not a joke. She has so much spunk and personality. I have multiple adult conversations with her; we often talk about the Bachelorette, laying out at the pool, how we do our hair, and Justin Bieber. These are also conversations I have with my 23 year old best friend...

Just the other day she and Jeff were boyfriend and girlfriend. It was a love at first sight and I was ok with it. However the other day they had a disagreement. Ashlyn got a balloon at the fair and apparently it wasn't tied on tight enough and ended up flying away. Jeff was walking behind her and so of course she assumed it was Jeff's fault. This obviously led to a tiff anf they broke up.

Ashlyn said she wasn't going to ever talk to Jeff again. Which resulted in this...

As you can tell Jeff is super mature and decided to taunt a 5 year old girl who recently had her heart broken. Poor thing.

The breakup has been strong so far... but we'll see.


  1. That is such a funny story about jeff and that little girl. Sounds like you two are having so much fun. And I LOVE your hat in the first picture!

  2. This is so funny!!! I loved watching those two fight. Good times in FoCo just think in about a week and a half we will be saying good times in ...Gillette...hahaha oh goodneess. I vote a week and a half of pure fort collins bliss!