Saturday, June 18, 2011

Family Visit

We were so lucky to have visitors this week! It was so much fun to enjoy Ft. Collins with family!
Since my Dad and all the boys were gone on a fishing trip. My Mom and sister came to visit. We were able to take advantage of MANY delicious eats and very pretty sights.

WARNING: picture overload.

At Colorado State, they have a very pretty garden that I have been dying to go and look at. And Since my Mom s way into gardening I thought it would be perfect. It was. She loved it. They have hundreds of flowers planted in rows and rows, so it was so fun to walk around this.

This is a HUGE fraternity house! WOAH!

And I just loved this posh picture of Winston.

Cheesecake Factory in Denver.

Gelato in Old Town

The Aquarium in Denver was amazing.
And of course I had to wait ten minutes in line for this picture.

I think Tigers are the most Royal looking animals. Right there is Kate Middleton.

This was huge shark tank. And this was the scariest and biggest shark.
This is the vegetarian shark in Nemo, he's so nice!

This picture was a struggle to get. As you can see Winston is not shown. Here is the final product. Below is the process. Everyone is upset with Winston.

Baby Elliott

It was such a blast to have them here! And they were such troopers to stay in our little apartment! Moby was a little too excited to see my Mom (kinda hurt my feelings). We had so much fun shopping in Old Town and the Outlets (eek, J. Crew is still stealing my money and I don't even get my killer discount- I guess I still would've spent the same, just gotten more).
It was a little bit cloudy but ti was actually nice, we only want/need sunshine if we're at the pool. Since we weren't it was nice. We went to the Farmer's Market- YUM! We had fun visiting the pretty campus flowers. We visited my cousin and his family on their farm which was really fun. Spent a day in Denver going to the aquarium and a darling darling darling part of town: Cherry Creek. Absolutely beautiful homes, shopping! Ah, LOVE.

Of course we had some funny moments:

-Winston peed his pants in the car, multiple times.

-the blow-up mattress definitely had a hole in it, but Caitlin, Winston, and the baby continued to sleep on it night after night (we bought a new one the last day).

-Winston threw a tantrum at the Farmer's Market and laid on the road for 15 minutes screaming.

-I ate an entire bag of kettle corn for lunch.

-Accidentally washed news jeans with whites- oops.

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  1. Looks like so much visits are the bomb :) love your pics..its good to see your mom and Cait! We watched Food Inc a little while ago too....made me angry but I think organic foods are becoming the big thing so will hopefully be cheaper soon!