Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

My Dad is super funny... but obviously I am too.

I think this picture is so sweet, with me and my Dad dancing at my wedding and my Mom watching...

Happy Father's Day to all you Father's out there!

My Dad has always been such a good example to me. He is such a good husband to my Mom and has always been someone that you can count on. I have learned so much from him about hardwork. He is so passionate about things he loves (golf, snowmobiling). He loves learning new things and experiencing new places- he is always taking us to new restaurants he read about in the paper, sometimes they land us in weird places. He is so sweet and nice and always shares my excitements.

As I have been living away from my Dad this summer, so far a whopping month! woot woot!
It has been a huge change. I notice that when I have problems with my car, my phone, school, the bank- I ALWAYS go to my Dad!
Just the other day- I made a bad decision of pulling over and stopping at one of those 'Free Rock Chip Repairs' And so I thought great! I have two! I was told that it would be free with my insurance- I thought great again, I have insurance and two rick chips repairs.
So I have to call and make a claim to my insurance... bla bla bla so I did.
However the insurance for some reason couldn't find my policy number. So I kinda got freaked out and canceled the calim.

The Rock Chip guy then said that they could still do the repair and they didn't want to leave me with two rock chips after all my trouble.

Ok, great again, free rock chip repair.

After being a little freaked out I called my Dad and told him the story.

The next day I heard from Rock Chip Repair and they wanted me to call me insurance and make a claim so that they could bill the insurance company.

Again, I freaked out and literally made my Dad listen to the message and handle it. Which he did. He called them and explained that I was not fully informed, and was under the impression tat I was getting a free service- so too bad but maybe you (rock chip guy) just have to bite this one in the butt. They did- haven't heard from them since!

My Dad has taken care of me and it is hard for me to now turn my problems over to the new man of the house: Jeff. But it's happening and it is probably a weight off of my Dad's shoulder's!

And Happy Father's Day to Gerry (Jeff's Dad). Gerry is always considerate of others and is always interested in what is going on in your life. Jeff goes to him about everything. He is super financial savvy and helps us make smart decisions. I appreciate everything that he does for us and everything he does with no complaints.

Also, Happy Father's Day to Dan, Micheal, Ryan, and Erik (to be in October).

You guys are all so great and are such good example to us of Father's!

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  1. What a cute post! Dads are the best. Jeff is going to make such a great dad too. Hope you two are having fun, we miss you!