Tuesday, June 21, 2011

tonight is... Movie Night

This week Jeff is selling in Gillette. We have two more weeks at this apartment so I am staying here until the lease is up and then we will be moving into an extended stay hotel in Gillette for a couple weeks, and then to Jackson Hole.
Right now he is staying at a funny hotel called the Howard Johnson... haha.
He says it's super nice... No, it's not nice at all.

So tonight is movie night for me and Moby!
Instead of redbox they have Blockbuster Express...
Except they are way dumb and charge $2.00 for new releases. LAME!

But guys, I am being super brave! Considering my guard dog is useless.
But I do feel secure that his bark scares people off.
I am also becoming VERY good at killing spiders and somewhat fearless.
And I think that I have sort of figured them out too. I kind of know where they hide so I am usually prepared. But I'm also pretty darn sure they are HOBOS!


  1. I just have to say that you are hilarious! Love your blog. And is it weird that i think your husband looks A LOT like Jordan? :)

  2. I'm so glad to see that you're still having fun and making the most of every situation :) We miss you two so much!!