Sunday, July 17, 2011

Will it Blend?

I discovered maybe a real life "lifesaver" a Blentec
Those of you who know me, maybe not even well, know that I do not like fruit.
I never have. I refused to eat it when I was little, etc. etc...
Before this bad boy- I might have been the most unhealthy person you know. How I am not 500 lbs is beyond me. My diet consisted of a few basic things... ice cream, candy, peanut butter, bread, and noodles. It is a huge joke in my family that I am on the "white diet." And my brothers say that my anti-fruit attitude has now become an identity and a way to get attention. B.S.
It is never fun to be at a shower, in your honor, and literally play with your food...
Shower food is my least favorite- its always like very very small appetizers. Rolls and salad. And then treats in abundance or fruit platters... It's my struggle.

Luckily, I have this great friend, who acts as an assistant and we sort of switch off with the fruits, for example I'll get strawberries, blueberries, and pineapple- and she won't. And then slowly she eats mine and then Ta-Da! It looks like I ate it! We have been tricking people for years.

Anyways. back to the Blendtec...
The problem for me with fruit is the texture. So when my Mother-in-law introduced me to this baby I was smitten. This magical blender can blend up ANYTHING! (yes, this is the one on youtube where they blend an iPad, watch here). So my Mother-in-law was being all healthy and I was jealous so I wanted to get in on it, so I tried one of her fruit and veggie creations.

I told my parents about this blender that can make all your dreams come true, (I told them it would be the perfect going away present ha) and I think that they were pretty impressed with my argument and the fact that I was consuming fruit. That my sweetest Dad surprised me by packing our car for Ft. Collins and hiding a Blendtec in there. I didn't even notice until we got to Ft. Collins. And was screaming in the parking lot.
We are major Blendtec users and have one every day! We have used our bad boy 134 time to date.

So I truly think that this has put 5 maybe 10 years back on my life expectancy... and has definitely help prevent diabetes. Lifesaver.

(sorry for the overload of picture- but when after 22 years you start to eat fruit it is sort of a huge deal so you take a lot of pictures and send them to people to show them what's up)


  1. Liza, what a break through!!!! I am so completely proud of you! Wow...never thought this day would come. I used to feel so bad that you despised fruit so much...Well enjoy your new natural body cleanser! Ha ha, or something like that ?. love you

  2. You're a sell out. Right now I am unsinging your wedding song.

  3. Thanks Liz, miss you always!

    Michael- you are just jealous and you know it. One day I'll blend you up something delicious. Besides don't you eat an apple every day??

  4. I do eat an apple (almost) everyday and have been known to blend a banana in a chocolate milk shake, so I guess we can still be friends -- just be careful with the textures and you should be okay -- make sure you blend it all up real good. Sounds like you guys are having fun. Make sure everything you do is rad. Peace out.

  5. Blentec blenders are truly impressive, as shown by their popular Will It Blend? channel on Youtube. You can't help but be impressed and laugh at the same time as they blend mundane things like cellphones that could destroy an ordinary blender. It's brilliant!

  6. They are amazing! I'm obsessed with mine and use it on the regular!

  7. Got to love those Will It Blend? videos. Blentech did a brilliant marketing strategy with that, and it paid off - handsomely. I bet Tom Dickson is now swimming in cash, haha.