Monday, July 18, 2011

Mt. Rushmore

So we stopped at Deadwood and saw Wild Bill's grave. The cemetery is actually amazing and was really neat and historic. It is up on the mountain side so all of the trees and multilevel graves was different. Funny side note: unnammed graves are those of prostitutes.. ha. I didn't get a picture of any, but there were a lot.

Oh you Wild man you!

Deadwood Overlook

Yeah, you know we did it National Treasure Style...

But really we decided that we cannot be this close to Mt. Rushmore and not visit.
What kind of Americans would we be? (probably still not very good ones since it was during the World Cup... way to support).

But we radio'ed it...

We ventured on a road trip with Chris and Kayde.

here is my asian tourist pic.

It was really rad. I have been there before, but Jeff never has. And Jeff was almost convinced (not by me) that seeing it from the road was sufficient. Wrong, and he sees the light now. And thinks that mt. Rushmore is kinda of awesome. Which it is. We are super glad that we went. When are we going to be this close to it again?

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  1. So fun :) love your adventures. I would like to visit the faces! The Asian tourist pic is my fave. Made me laugh, ha ha. You dork. Love you!