Thursday, July 21, 2011

Moby + Jeff

Incase you didn't know this is our pup Moby... Also, if you didn't know then you must be very new to my blog- because lately he is a hot topic. And it's kinda sorta all that I blog about-my life is way cool k.

So anyways.
This is a relationship that I truly envy. Even though I know Moby loves me and probably more than Jeff. I can't help but get jealous when Moby sometimes picks Jeff. It's pretty obvious the bond these boys share.

Jeff always gets so mad when he's laying with Moby and I come and take away his blissful comfort and pull him over by me. I can't help it- I'm uber jealous.

Whenever I go in the car I take Moby with me... And sometimes Jeff doesn't have a ride home and I generously offer to pick him up and bring Moby with me. Moby now knows to look out the window when I say "daddy" (yeah I'm one of those pet owners).

I found this so funny so one day I decided to film it.

YouTube Video

Whenever Jeff is laying on the bed Moby choice is right on his chest.

And this is how they ride in the car.

Love love love

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