Thursday, July 28, 2011

year one.

It is crazy to think how it has already been one year!
But when we think back on everything, we realize we really fit a lot in actually.
And learned a lot.

Our wedding day was our dream come true.

Honeymooning in DR
We Moved into our First apartment
first time ever living away from home- besides Jeff's mission (doesn't count). And besides my semester in the ChiO where I paid to sleep at my parents house.
... I'm sorry I only have pictures of the bedroom. Weird I know- we're getting uber personal and intimate.

Of course we went to St. George. It's like a rule if you live in SLC you have to go to S.G. once a year.

Self explanatory. But we went to the fair in SL and in Ft. Collins.
Most importantly though- my fav! The Zoo came back to Shivers.
I'll be honest I never liked candyland- it was gross how they had all that old candy on the wall, and the train never fit in. But the zoo is so cute.
I started eating fruit. Breakthrough.

We Celebrated Holidays with friends and family! And played "minute to win it" and it was rigged cause my little minute game was IMPOSSIBLE!

We sat on Santa's lap!
Yellowstone Snowmobiling! aka your fav! Where my love for Hot Chocolate surfaces as well as your dislike for it.

We Snowshow'ed to the top of SLC, literally.
It was much more intense than we had anticipated.


you know we celebrated the ROYAL WEDDING!
with tea and crumpets.

We discovered that after 22 years of living, I actually do like sushi.

We moved out of our first little apartment...
and it took us FOREVER!

...and we moved to Ft. Collins, Colorado. And we L-O-V-ED it!
Such a fun town, and so fun to live away- even for a short summer.

eek, we are currently training for a Century- we'll see.

  • We traveled to the DR for our honeymoon, and learned the hard way that I wasn't Mrs. Monson until I switched over my passport, social security card, etc. We had to have a friend run down to the temple before it closed to get a copy of our marriage license so that we could show it to everyone who wonders why the ticket name doesn't match the license/passport. We were just so giddy when we booked our tickets- silly lovebirds!
  • Jeff got a road bike and I taught him the ways of the road. And we signed up for a century- we are crazy.
  • We started the B.O.M....
  • We moved into our first apartment, and out! And boxed it up and rented it to our good friends.
  • We both went through multiple jobs; U of U internship, clearlink, usbank, bloomingsales...
  • We lived one entire week in a Motel 6 in baby town Wheatland, Wyoming.
  • Jeff learned the hard way of my LOVE for animals... I saved a kitten (tried to convince him why we needed to keep it while moving to different hotels and with a dog...), volunteered at the Humane Society, tried to save a dying baby bird, have pulled over for MULTIPLE running around dogs... hence Moby, tried to convince him why we should keep a little frog I found, etc. I really sound absurd.
  • Jeff discovered, Which I hate. It let's us know how much we really spend on maverick...
  • We became obsessed with Friday Night Lights.

We truly have loved our first year of marriage. We have experienced so many new things together and have most definitely had fun the entire time. I am so proud of the little independent couple we have become- especially in the last little bit living away.

Although our anniversary may not be spent in the most ideal of places- we are excited anyways! And I think that we both have some fun ideas up our sleeves. We will never forget where we spent our first anniversary. And we are excited for whatever is next.

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  1. Wow! 1 year...can't believe it! And also, it seems like you two have been gone a long time. Good thing you are up on your blogging so we know you are still alive. You should come home soon! Hope you had a great celebration!! ps We saw the Cooks in Midway today. You weren't there and neither was Eliza but hey, the rest of us were:)