Saturday, July 30, 2011

Anniversary littles

jeff and i decided to splurge on our gifts one month early and both got iPhones.

We love them. maybe too much.

i also got these pretty flowers. and had nothing to put them in but this subway cup. class right there.

which sadly was somewhat surprising. sorry husb. 
but with work, he is gone ALL DAY and doesn't have a car, but on my morning walk with puppy, a car rolls up. and out comes my night in shinning armor, or just his bright orange vivint shirt, i'll take it! {which if you haven't seen you really must click here}

and then i went and really outdid myself. 
and definitely went above and beyond my wifely duties.

because i just love husbs that much.

since it was our one year anniversary
and there wan't a whole lot to do in wyoming to make it really special.
i was detrained to. so i tried my very best.
i had been collecting for the entire summer. paint samples.

i can promise you it is super embarrassing to go into home depot so many times and pretend to be an interior designer, and grab mostly bright pink, red, and purple paint samples.
these people probably thought i was crazy out of my mind. or maybe not, it was wyoming...

then i cut them all into hearts and wrote down 365 reasons why I LOVE HUSB!
i cut three hundred and sixty five hearts!
and man oh man was he surprised!
scattered on the floor and the yes were 365 memories and happy's with each other!

tonight we are going to read them, probably cry, laugh, and be the happiest!
i just love him so much! more and more each day!
happy 1 year baby!

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  1. Love it all! Cute Lize, and great ideas with the color samplers, you have a creative soul..I think it comes from those Young women. Wonderful posts, and I loved the Az pic!