Monday, August 1, 2011

First Anniversary

We celebrated our first Anniversary just the other day!
Since we were in the small town of Wheatland where the luxurious hotels are sparce and the we were already living in the motel 6 we decided to be all 'north face' and go camping!
Judge all you want on whethere this classifies as a fun romantic anniversary or not- but you know we handled it- it was both fun and romantic!
We drove to Hartville, which is a little historic town in Wyoming for dinner. It was so fun, and Jeff claims it blew Ruth's Chris out of the water!
And then we went camping, and it was too dark to set up a tent... so we decided to sleep in the car and I got realy cozy with all the buggis!

It was so pretty and an experience we will never forget! And we also set the car alarm off twice! Once at 1:00 AM and couldn't find the keys and again at 7:00 AM. Yay for wake up calls! We drove home and stopped for yummy breakfast on the way!

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