Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Birthday Month

Hey everyone,

Guess what!? This month is my birthday month, I'm sure that you all already knew, and already have it marked on your calendar. If not, its the 22nd. And I have hit that age, where you don't really like getting older (sorry people older than me). It was fun the last couple ones; all the birthdays have special rights or just sound good... like age 17 is in so many fun songs and you feel so cool- and most everybody has a car at that point. Or age 18 you become an adult, this could be good or bad depending on how you look at it. Age 21, we all know what comes with tha
t. And then that's kind of it. 25 sounds bad cause it's half of 50. Well I am turning 23!

And I am happy to admit my greed and that I am excited for my presents!

1. iPhone case. This is Kate Spade from Nords. I also love the leopard J. Crew one too!
2. Anything and everything lulu...gifts cards!
3. TOMS. I am loving TOMS. The red and grey and shiny/sequined gold, black, or pink! Any of these are fine with me!
4. J. Crew watch bands to make my wrists happy
5. Gold aviator sunnies!
6. Still deciding on which lap top to add to my small mac family.

and yes, I fully intend to get all of these! Yay for Birthday Month!

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