Friday, August 5, 2011

Homebound for a min

We took a little detour HOME this past weekend... it was a fun little surprise since we didn't tell anyone. And of course we pull up to my house at 1 AM, trying to be sneaky and slip into bed without waking up my parents and out walks my Mom from the backyard. She was gardening. Of course she was. Jeff's family screamed when we saw them. I thought Sara was going to have her baby then and there. We're kind of a hit at home.

We had some friends come over, and Sam (my red headed friend) acted like she had never seen an iPhone and went a little steroid on the picture taking. I chose just a couple.

We were planning on staying for one day. Which stayed the same for honey, but turned into 4 days for me. But I got to stay for my nephews little birthday party!
How funny are those cups!?

I went on my first solo road trip! And it was pretty impressive. Apparently I'm entertaining enough. Most of the drive was on 2 way highways- so I got really good at passing. Which is kind of scary (I swear Jeff doesn't even do it).

The only tired that happened was my face. I told Jeff that my face muscles were soo tired from singing. I was belting all my tunes.


  1. liza, how did you create the little photo collage on this post? teach me please!

  2. i did it with on my iphone the app picframe