Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's my Party!

i love my birthday! so so much! i'm one of those people that makes sure everyone knows it's comin'! and yes, i make a birthday list. no one forgets my birthday, cause i won't allow it!

and i like it best when my birthday lasts a week:

{my actual birthday, also first day of school}

and dessert with friends

i am such a lucky lady!

and it's only tuesday- so i have 5 more days of birthday fun!

thank you, thank you a million to everyone who called, texted, fb'ed, sent a postcard, and showered my with gifts and treats! you are all so great and i love you all and felt very loved!

happy birthday to you when it's your turn!

birthdays rule!


  1. Happy Birthday girl, i wish i loved birthdays like you. btw you should running the salt lake half next year. im doing it again and it way fun!

  2. oh thankyou! and i want to run a a half way bad but i am terribly nervous nervous!

  3. oh its not scary at all! salt lake is fun because their are a ton a people all around the path cheering on, handing our oranges, cookies, water. so fun so fun

  4. it's like tomorrow huh? good luck. hopefully next year i can courage up and do it!