Wednesday, August 31, 2011

last day of birthday shopping

yesterday i went to anthro to use my little 15% off for my birthday month {see, i am not the ONLY one who celebrates a birthday for an entire month}. and i ended up getting these darling orange chords. ORANGE IS MY NEW and MOST FAVORITE COLOR! and honey came and really tested out the chairs. he doesn't really like shopping. so as i was trying on these orange pants, i kept calling them my naked pants. honey assured me that no one would do a double take thinking i am wearing no pants, but i just needed a second opinion. so i asked the "very stylish" male worker. and hopefully he was honest with me, cause i bought them. so if you see a girl on campus and you think she might not be wearing any pants, look again. it's me in my naked pants. i'll be turning heads everywhere.

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