Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lake Powell

Lake Powell...

so much egyptian ratscrew. sleeping. tank tops. towels. chips & salsa. reading. swimming. tubing. swimsuits. eating. laughing. naked babies. sunscreen. surfing. tanning. heat rash. inappropriateness. life jackets. boating. getting pulled over. spiders. mexican coke. sunsets. fun. popsicles. no cell service. sunshine. shooting stars. sand castles. lizards. frogs. tooting {so many boys}. wakeboarding. skiing. cliff jimping. bruises. sand dunes. golf. lightning. word on the street. people magazine. bats. head aches. skinny dipping {just me and jeff... and my parents {ew gross-jk jk JK but really just me and jeff}. sun glasses. chums. air chair. crystal light. sunburn. aloe vera. music.

everybody minus my parents, cait and the babies.
j.r., becca, typhoon, braden, will, ty, dan, babyjeff, me, jordan, and britney

we loved it and had so much fun- can't wait til next time.


  1. My bro dawg! Hes a real gem :) Thanks for tagging him along! Oh how I love LP. Wish I could have gotten some laughs on the tube. That always rocked!