Sunday, September 11, 2011


youknowyouloveit when..

-your century race is in a week and you are literally nervous about being THE LAST ONE to finish. if this shall happen to me, i will just pull off my race number and look like a reg biker that just so happens to be biking on the race trail..

-you come home from LP and no one says one thing to you about being tan, or getting tan. sad. major waste of layout time.

-i don't love this. and i hope you don't either. but the car mini, has gone WAY overboard- they're like midget suburbans. 4 door and ugly.

- a friend if complaining that no one calls her anymore, and you story top her by telling her that you don't even have to put your phone on silent anymore when you go to a movie- because it never goes rings. this one is actually kind of sad.

-this one i really don't love. when your darling white iPhone4 in a darling kate spade case gets blown off the top of the car in lake powell.

-fall is really here.

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