Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Vera

Happiest of Birthday wishes to my Mother-in-law, Vera Gene.
i seriously consider myself so lucky to have married into jeff's family
and vera is a huge reason why.
everyone knows that there are those mother-in-laws that people swear they are out to get them and i can tell you i assumed that no matter who i married i expected there to be head bumping-not the case for me. as i said i am super lucky. i absolutely adore vera with all my heart.
everyone LOVES this woman. all the women in my family who met her through our wedding loved her and thought she was such a "hoot" {literally quoting my grandma's words}. and she is.
i always have fun with vera, she is so funny. along with being funny she has always made me feel comfortable and important. she is always positive and willing to help anyone in any way she can. i know, as well as many others that i can count on vera to always help me out.
what can i say i just love her to oodles!

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