Monday, August 8, 2011

a silly little town called

the rest of this says YOU. If you were wondering. And Yes. I have become one of those people who thinks their dog is a child. Hence the Mother hip pose. I'm gonna be such a bomb MOM!

On Sunday we discovered Moby's biggest fear. Heights. Walking him across this bridge was not going to happen. He started out pretty good and then no more. He would slowly bend all his legs and just crouch.

We all know how much dogs love sniffing and I think that he was definitely in HEAVEN because these hot springs were fragrant! And I'm pretty sure it was some sort of and Indian Preservation.

The drive there was pretty, it was along a river and railroad tracks that reminded me of that level on Donkey Kong. And the honey got lucky. We drove my car and since I recently roadtripped solo I grabbed a lot of CD's to listen to, when were CD's popular? Oh yeah, in High School. How fun to listen to meaningful deep highschool boy drama, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, BSB, N'Sync? Um, it's way fun. You should try it. It will also open up great conversations of old stories. Highschool stories. Old Boyfriend stories. Like I said, the honey got lucky.

Now we are getting our snuggle on in the Motel 6, listen to the motorcyclists on their way to Sturgis smoke and drink outside, and watch Friday Night Lights.

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