Sunday, August 7, 2011


-The University of Utah needs to STOP stop stop re-vamping their webpage. They need students, I want to be a student. If I can't figure out how to navigate my way around the website, especially registering for classes then we have a problem. And I'm probably not the only one. So right now we have a problem. Let's create a win win situation here.

-The honey, I'm sorry I've wanted to watch Shark Week and nothing else. Especially ESPN.

-I may or may not have tried on all my old prom dresses when I visited home. Don't worry I won't tell you about it. But I was looking gooooooooood.

-At lunch I was getting a refill and a little boy, like 5, decided to figure out my story. This was fun.
Little boy: what are you doing here?
Me: I'm eating lunch.
Little boy: where?
Me: right there {pointing to the honey}
Little boy: with your daddy? {honey laughs and spits out drink and starts coughing}.
Me: um no, I'm married to him.
Little boy: where's your son?
Me: I don't have one yet.
Little boy: oh {totally confused and doesn't understand how I don't have a son and continued to speak jibberish where I continued to say "oh really?" over and over.}

-Everytime anyone says anything with the words 'the situation' what do I think of? You know what. Sorry, I can't help it.

-Nothing is better than the honey flexing his muscles in the mirror after the shower. Ooh yeah Baby! Shakeitfastbutwatchyourself,showmewhatyourworkingwith {thank you mystical}

Don't worry- youknowyouloveit will be a reoccurring theme for you every Sunday.

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