Wednesday, August 17, 2011

There's no place like home

This summer has been so much fun! It has been a great experience and we have been a lot of places we probably never would have otherwise. We learned how to be independent as a couple. Because we are out here solo (no friends or family) we have made new friends and learned how to make dull places or situations fun. I really think that you're awesome if you can survive two months hotel living in Wyoming. Therefore I think that we are awesome. Or if you can handle living in a Motel 6- you are also awesome. We are double awesome.

I have majorly gained a new appreciation for Jeff's hardwork. His summer work schedule is quite demanding of his time. It assures me that he is a definite "go-getter" and can accomplish long-term and short-term goals. Despite the long days we managed to wake up early and be productive... we have also became really good at staying up late.

Although the summer was very fun there are a few things that we are super excited to get back to in SLC...

-We do miss our apartment and the sweet homey feeling that we have created there. Of course we miss our families and how close we are to them, and the multiple weekly visits we make there- and all the free food they have to offer. And that we can make cookies or muddy buddies there because they ALWAYS have all the ingredients! Ooh and the Sunday dinners!

-I miss quenching my thirst at the Mav.

-Jeff misses driving his car. It's a strange materialistic relationship I've learn to overlook.

-We both miss family getaways. My cabin in Kamas, Lake Powell, and Jeff's house in Midway. But luckily we can get our fill when we get home!

-We miss good working toilets. It's not fun to ask for the plunger and have them say, "you can just keep it in your room." It's not us {me}, these toilets are SENSITIVE.

-And we really really miss our bed!

-ummm and DVR/tivo, it is so NOT convenient to have to watch your show when it starts. And I decided I hate commercials all over again. We have been spoiled people.

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