Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"i will survive"

before heading out for our summer selling alarm systems i had many pre-concieved notions of what to expect. i told myself, "i will survive" cause apparently i seem incapable of occupying myself. everyone was feeling boo-hoo for me. well hello to you guys- i proved you wrong didn't i?! cause i was bomb at this! i was even the last wife standing- all the other had given up {not on their marriages, just decided to go home}. but really why would we feel sorry for someone that gets to do WHATEVER they want WHENEVER they want. literally. i just got to hangout, go to the pool, check out new places, read books, take long baths, etc etc... i bet some of you wish you were drinkin on my kool-aid don't cha? uh-huh- thought so. anyways. i told myself that i would survive this summer with a smile on my face and i have- with a hop, skip, and a jump even in my step! and now i am going to tell you exactly how i did that and how you can too!

so here it is. how you too can survive, well a lot of different things.
-summers selling alarms systems
-working honey in an unknown town
-living in hotels {or motels in my case}

So far I am sort of, no I am totally professional when it comes to spending a summer selling alarm systems, having a working honey in an unknown town {um these are small towns guys, like 4 stop lights}, and living in a hotel. i'm just gonna come out and say it.

-Stay positive in every way; if you are negative you will not last, and your honey won't be successful. {this can and should be applied to basically ANY situation}
-get a library card. yay for free books and movies!
-kinda sorta become friends with his co-workers {not too friendly now. i learned this the hard way... JUST KIDDING, but really- not too friendly}. This will eliminate many possible awkward situations like when you step out of your room, only to find co-worker also stepping out of their room, both obviously going to the elevator {not going to the elevator now just because they are only makes for more awkwardness}, both obviously going to ride the elevator. Kinda sorta knowing them makes this whole process so much better.
-only buy food that will last you a week. cause sometimes you are only somewhere for a week. we sort of learned that the hard way. moldy smelllllllllllllllly food. yum.

-have projects. lots and lots of these.
-don't sleep with the bedspread. some 60 minutes about how hotels NEVER wash them. and i can guarantee they don't at motel 6.
-have 3 or 4 books to read or 25 movies to watch, the time conversion seems about right..
-Keep in touch with home for more reasons than one. 1. your Mom will be sad if you don't 2. you realize many of them are just working and going to summer school- and let's get a yee-haw -glad you're missing that eh?! and 3. It's crazy how surprising and entertaining gossip seems since you only hear the juicy good stuff.
-get an iPhone. Just kidding- that's just what we did.
-get a dog. Just kidding again. but we kinda did that too.

-scour the free brochures, magazines, and newspapers for all the FUN fun fun going on without you even knowin! like when the rodeo or fair is coming to town, or even farmers markets. {sometimes though the fun can be hours away. because everywhere we have stayed has park city brochures. and we have been 5, 9, and 7 hours away from home}. and i'm pretty sure there are museums in every town.
-ummmmmmmmm have fun. don't let your day begin when your honey goes to work -boo, no fun! and don't let your day end when he comes home at night. go on walks, get treats {we're really good at that one! my tummy says so}, um..."snuggle," rent a movie, and hello ask him about his day- and then brag to him about yours, watch FNL {yeah this is different than renting a movie because FNL is that awesome}, celebrate successful days and of course holidays, and get jiggy with the wives {if there are any} because chances are they want to have fun too!

and just so you know what good travel bunnies we are.
we have lived or visited all of the following.
-fort collins, colorado
-loveland, colorado
-wellington, colorado
-denver, colorado
-cheyenne, wyoming
-gillette, wyoming
-rapid city, south dakota
-wheatland, wyoming
-guernsey, wyoming
-hartville, wyoming
-jackson hole, wyoming
-riverton, wyoming
-thermopolis, wyoming
-lander, wyoming
you could say we are just a cowboy and cowgirl travelin. yee-haw!

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  1. Yay for summer sales wives! I would have lasted longer but Doug sent me home..against my will haha. oh well! You should have posted this earlier I could have taken a few pages from your book. I miss our treat trips!