Monday, August 15, 2011

Riverton, WY

the last two weeks we have been living in riverton, wy. and then yay, we come home! but before that we wanted to soak up all there is in riverton.

probably the only thing you are taking away from these pictures is that my fro yo obsession has only increased, we are bad at remembering our hotel keys {front desk hates us!}, and we are single handily supporting motel 6 {we've stayed at a motel 6 for the last 3 weeks and when all is said and done, we will have lived there for a month. i'm almost positive vivint has some kind of a pact with truckers}. oh and yes, our dog is cute. even "a beauty" we have been told.

last but definitely NOT least... let's just take a moment and study this hotel and what it has to offer...
-how do you spell rendezvous? really? this has been up for a week now and hasn't been corrected.
-do they really have to advertise having color tv? isn't that pretty standard?
-and why would you stay anywhere that didn't have air conditioning?!

bye bye riverton! i'll be en route to slc tomorrow!

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