Sunday, August 14, 2011


- ummmm I want Jeff to switch his password on FB to my FB password so that I don't accidentally type mine anymore. So annoying.

-I'm sorry room service, or maybe your welcome... For not letting you clean our room. I just don't want to clean it first {hide things}. I am scared of your employees... We know that one of you got fired last week for stealing.

-I recently discovered what a 'golden birthday' is and was sad that I had mine just last year and didn't even know it- and then when I told the honey about it. all i got was... "some people have theirs when their 2." HA ha ha- thanks honey.

-Everytime anyone says anything with the word 'the situation' what do I think of? I can't help it.

-Thinking about my favorite comment at lunch today from my sis-in-law about seeing a fat person eating the same thing that you are eating... and thinking "Oh no, I'm eating fat people food."

-When Jeff gets me mad {fake mad} and I tell him that my muscles are gonna beat him up.

-Moby, I'm sorry for not wanting you to bark. But Jeff doesn't want me to yell eaither.

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