Monday, September 26, 2011

do you wanna go to midway?

this weekend was such a party!

we went to a beautiful friends wedding! and loved every little detail- it was so pretty! and then the night time came and we were watching the football game with some friends and jeff and i were talking about how we had wanted to go to midway for a bike ride and then all the sudden everyone wanted to go to midway. so we packed up the car and headed to midway at midnight.

we got there very late and somehow managed to stay up for 2 more hours talking about how much we love sleep, but yet didn't go to sleep... hmmmm?
we talked about dreams {not like our goals and ambitions...}. and how bizarre they are on EVERY level. we all felt very deep and intelligent.

our morning bike ride was so fun and so pretty! the leaves are just starting to change, and are all REDS!

and then boating we went. thanks a million to pat!

it was so fun. and so random. and so spontaneous. and so much more than anticipated for the weekend.  

we love jeff's house in midway and can't wait to go again!

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