Monday, September 26, 2011


-your friday night is oh so uneventful until you decide to go to midway at midnight.

-and it just keeps getting better when friends decide to come.

-even better when more friends with boats meet you the next day!

-and even better when you decide to stay another night!

-the lady gaga concert babe is going to take me to! so sweet!

-i already want an iPhone 5.

-accidentally calling someone "patty mcfatty" oops. Just wanted a good rhyme- nothing else.

-my happiness of finding out that beth likes DC.

-someone thinking a shower was not necessary after a bile ride and boating... PROOF THAT BOYS ARE GROSS! {this someone is not my babe}.

flowers make the happiest places!

1 comment:

  1. This blog post needs an asterisk by the last comment. I was not alone in thinking this way, I was just the only one not obligated by marriage to do what you say.

    and I stand by my position still.