Friday, September 23, 2011

birthday jeff

happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you.
happy birthday dear jeffrey!

jeff had such a great birthday!
we started the day by getting coupled massages. jeffy has wanted to get a before or after our big bike ride. and i told him no way, that i didn't really care. so then i tried to surprise him with a massage, but they called jeff to confirm his appointment the day before. oh well, next year. but anyways in a massage you are total nakey. and we were both in our nakey bed, and the therapists are just about to come in and jeff decides that being nakey is just too much and jumps our at decides to out on his basketball shorts. but i told him no, and made him get back in his nakey bed.

and then we went to lunch and blue lemon with some friends. YUM!
and had taco's with jeff's family and had friends over for cake and ice cream!

it was a great day! and we're planning to finish it off this weekend in midway!

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