Thursday, September 22, 2011

Birthday Babe

jeffy, babe, honeybear, babbbbbbbby, daddy, mybabe, {literally these are names that i call him...}

happy birthday to this mo-foe!
i just love him too much!
jeff is my magical man! he makes tra la la things happen in my life.
today i get to brag about why my hot babe is better than yours.
1. he's a hot babe {yours may not be...sorry}
2. his value of what is important and what isn't {priorities}. he has all his priorities in the right place {me being numero uno {spanish for number one}}.
3. my hard-worker. and yes we all like money, but jeff is not just a quick money guy {sounds a little off since we did sell alarm systems} he is willing to work hard and put the hours in and seriously gets noticed by others he works with. he is constantly succeeding and progressing. and has so much dedication to whatever he sets his mind to. and he ACES interviews. never once not gotten the job.
4. his love and appreciation of family.
5. babe is so patient. those who know me know how patient he really must be... i'm not crazy or anything- but i get hyper often, refuse to let him fall asleep before me, i get anxious on travel drives, when i need a DC- i sort of NEED a DC, i sometimes have really strange and weird opinions, a lot of times i am stubborn just to be stubborn, etc... anyways he is always there for me and never gets annoyed. maybe he does... patients though right?
6. his righteous being. click here for more on that.
7. he really is the funniest person that i know! and i am NOT just saying that cause he is my hubby- but he really is the funniest person ever, CAN ALWAYS MAKE ME LAUGH! ALWAYS. ALWAYS. ALWAYS.
8. his hairy chest. yum.
9. babe is humble.
10. babe likes to snuggle, but at sleeping time he does not. but lucky for him i do! and i will not budge on it. we snuggle to sleep and in sleep. we have two sides of the bed but we only occupy one. for proof click here. it's funny i promise.
11. babe is always on time... and i think that he wishes i were that way too. but he is patient.
12. ummm he is friends with all my friends. and that is hard to find.
13. he is going to take me to lady gaga and i cannot wait.
14. he is my perfect other person. really and truly we go together like "one two punch," peanut butter and jelly, chips and salsa, the birds and bees {hahahahhahahaha}, etc.. {can you see the importance of jeff's patience?}

i, i love you like a love song baby!

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