Monday, September 19, 2011

MOABcenturyTOUR: 100miles

don't let the title fool you. this is not a tour. it is a 100 mile bike race. and i had a mental breakdown at mile 80. and i cried. my speedometer was not working very well. and said i was at mile 57... and i knew that this particular canyon went to mile 80. and the canyon was mostly flat/downhill and major headwind so big burly men could just coast by me while i had to PEDDLE my little heart out to move at turtle speed. so i started crying real tears and sniffles. and jeff had already gone to the turnaround and was heading back, and i saw him but i didn't want to make him stop and get out of his groove so i just cried as he rode away. it was all very sad. 

do you see those clouds? we woke up to rain, 54 degrees for the first 3 hours.

but i ended with a smile on my face cause my endorphin level was at it's PEAK.

chad and erik. 

i am now explaining my breakdown and how at the moment i was so mad at jeff.

'WE MADE IT!" which definitely needed celebration. because i did not know if i would actually be able to ride for 100 miles. my mom surprised us with this little cake.

at every aid station i asked jeff how he was feeling and he'd say, "i feel great. i'm loving this." yuck.

now for some of the AWESOME and not so awesome points or whatevers on the race.
  • NOT SO AWESOME: sore bum and entire undercarraige.
  • NOT SO AWESOME: freezing cold beginning.
  • AWESOME: tan lines on my thigh and back. way cooler than a farmers tan.
  • AWESOME: deadhorse point lookout. SA-WEET!!!
  • AWESOME: my new iPod shuffle that i bought just for the race, because the one i took down didn't work.
  • NOT SO AWESOME: having to skip over john bytheway every other song. but yes. i do LOVE john bytheway-so funny. but not on a bike ride. 
  • AWESOME: my  parents DOMINATING and planning on riding the easy 40 miler, and instead riding more than half of the century with us. yay for being half as awesome as your kids.
  • NOT SO AWESOME: jeff somehow missing the finishing line and riding an extra 6 miles. such a show off. but also a little AWESOME right?
  • NOT SO AWESOME: the group that i kept passing and then they'd pass me having a stereo on their bike. SO ANNOYING- i brought my own personal iPod, no i don't think that you are funny, no i don't like your weird music. invasion of personal space i think.
  • AWESOME: gaining a whole new appreciation for "energy" things. jelly beans, blocks, powerbar, GU, and chomps. many many thanks to parker {our personal biking guru} who hooked us up FAT with all his faves in the energy dept. it was basically the nicest thing. and they saved me many a time.
  • AWESOME: old people riding the century, old bikes riding the century, tandems, people totally overdressing, chatty friendlies, the man wearing a tutu, the "just married" couple.
  • AWESOME: tailwind
  • NOT SO AWESOME: headwind.
  • AWESOME: random people asking me if i wanted to draft, "um yes please... and maybe just all the way til the end."
  • NOT SO AWESOME: the people that would pass on the... RIGHT. what is that?
  • NOT SO AWESOME: almost eating a dragon fly, it really hit me in my mouth!
  • AWESOME: sitting in the hot tub after the race.
  • NOT SO AWESOME: crying at maverick talking about how i was crying during the race.
  • AWESOME: the lbs lost during that race, NOT SO AWESOME: the lbs gained right after. FOOOOOOD!


  1. i am so proud of you! what a freaking cool thing you did!

  2. So... you may not remember me from high school, but I totally blog stalk you. And can I just say that I full on laughed out loud multiple times while reading this post? Awesome. Good job on finishing your race- we started road biking this past month and I think I may try a Century some day. Maybe.