Sunday, September 18, 2011


-am i really riding a century? {on repeat ALL week?}

-rachel zoe is back. yummy! i love her. yummy again!

- i am SO excited about lion king being back in theatres! YES YES and YES! YES!

-jay leno > david letterman. any day. fight me!

-yes. i watch a lot of tv. and i have a lot of homework. and i'm good at multi tasking.

-sometimes i get into "cleaning mode." this week i cleaned all the blinds in our apt. {one more time} i cleaned all the individual blinds. along with many other cleaning things. i also organized my sisters bathroom drawers.

-twitter is amaze. follow me @elizajaney. sometimes i am funny i promise. if you don't have the tweet, get it. it definitely rules.

-i sold a bathroom vanity/cabinet thing for $60 on craigslist. i also bought it for $60. i am awesome. thanks heather.

-i may or may not have stole someone's parking spot at the U. it was all very confusing. my blinker was on, his wasn't. i did turn the corner before he did. and i even waited a second before pulling in, in case he thought it was his. but he may have done a hand gesture and crusty at e while i walked by WITH MY HEAD HELD HIGH. i even rehearsed what i would have said if he tried me "your blinker wasn't on. a blinker basically covets the spot. and i coveted it first. if you needed it as bad as i did you would have stolen it from me." i called jeff right after and he said i was totally justified.

-i cried at mile 79. real tears.

-ummmm i rode 100 miles on a bike. what did you do?


  1. i cried on saturday too! at mile 20 and 23. good lady. you did a century!!

  2. Go lize! Woot woot!! I would love to give road biking a try, Good for you!