Thursday, October 13, 2011

fall break. part 1. GO STANFORD!

we love being students! mainly because we love fall break, chistmas break, spring break, and summer. once your an adult these breaks don't really exist. it definitely kinda rules!

for our fall break this year we decided on a last-minute trip to palo alto, california. we love mooching off friends living in fun places- so that is exactly what we did. it was SO much fun! we left friday morning and drove 12 hours. FUN... and on saturday we went to the stanford game with our friends, aka stanford alum and past safety, bo mcnally! we cheered stanford to the win with licorice and kettle corn!

1. walking through the tunnel with our oh so cool field passes! 2. me and babe in our stanford getty-up. 
3. we had some pretty killer seats. 4. our nicest friends ever for letting us stay with them, bo and kira! they treated us like the royalty we are! {notice the color matching in our pictures... team gray vs. team red. we won.} 5. stanford football team and their infamous tree mascot!

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