Tuesday, October 18, 2011


ummmmmmm pumpkins are kind of expensive if you don't know what your doing. and we, definitely did not.  my momma and sister went to the pumpkin patch at peterson farms and got 
10 pumpkins for $15... jeff and i got 3 for $19.
it was kind of way unfair and way dumb!
but that's ok. we {only me really} love halloween and are willing to pay the price!
we went to rosewood gardens on 3300 so. and oh my the people that work there are something else. 
but they LOVE halloween! sometimes i wonder how places sell all their halloween stuff.?

and now our little home is ready for the trick or treaters... that hopefully don't come since we won't be home. but it still looks cute to all the people  who drive by and see it!

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