Monday, October 17, 2011

we were such good tenants

a million thanks you's to bowen and kira!
we had the funnest little fall break because of them! 
it was such a last minute vacay and they were more than willing to let us stay with them, eat {all} their food, take us to get milkshakes EVERYNIGHT {not a joke, everynight. and if we thought about sharing bo would say "man up jeff." such peer pressure} and other delicious eateries, we all got to go to a stanford game and go down on the field, and see super fast planes! it was just so great! 

and because we are such good tenants we took their dog hallie on walks. and we did some other things to thank them {$$$ things, which are the best kind of things...}
we also offered them a place to stay ANYTIME they decide to visit SLC. 

we loved our trip! and we loved palo alto! it is absolutely gorgeous! and we cannot wait to go back ;)
we definitely wish our trip could have been longer- but it was so great while it lasted!
palo alto = love
bo + kira = love
jeff and eliza = love
bo and kira in palo alto = love
jeff and eliza in palo alto = love
jeff and eliza, bo and kira together hanging out = love
jeff and eliza and scott = love
driving 12 hours = way too long in the car

oh we also learned some local terminology like PA is palo alto
the "farm" referring to stanford campus
the peninsula... the bay area

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