Monday, December 26, 2011

christmas 2011

oh how you came and went. we loved our little morning christmas with just us two! we enjoy you very much. and we can't wait to see you next year!


this year we celebrated christmas with the monson family on christmas eve. it was so much fun! we had a little program put on by the babies with a beautiful flute to sing-a-long with. followed by presents!
it was a successful christmas! jeff's momma, vera was pleased as can be {visually observed below}to be welcomed to the apple family with an iPad. pure joy.

on christmas day, we had our own little christmas and then visited church. all was lovely. i have really come a long way because when i was little i did like christmas and sunday to EVER fall on the same day, but this year i did. there is something special about beginning your christmas day at church and reflecting on christ's life throughout the entire day. it is where our thoughts are supposed to be anyways.

christmas award goes to me and my gift to my parents. it was the one that brought out the tears. from both of them. a picture book from our hawaii trip over thanksgiving. later that day we were lucky enough to have a private yo-yo show from my dad, the SL boy who won a trip to disneyland when he was 10, and went on to take second place. oh the glory days.

and of course we lounged in our christmas eve pajamas. i would get these. and i would wear them too.

getting together with our family is a favorite tradition on christmas day. it is so fun to visit with these cousins who we don't see all that often.

we are grateful for many things this christmas and are looking forward to another great year! we hope everyone had a wonderful christmas day and felt loved and blessed!


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