Saturday, December 24, 2011

christmas eve + youknowyouloveit

-today i burned my hair. it was on fire. and it was sad. and it was SO NOT WORTH THE CLEAN TOILET {i love candles and have one in my bathroom for obvious reasons, and it was lit, to take away clorox smell}. all in all it's a sad story.

-it's christmas eve!

-i'm the best gift giver. everyone should be major jello that they are not 1)my husbs  2)who i drew in our family drawings  3)my parents  4)my close friends

-downside to the last two, we have no more money. oops.

-our family christmas card is amazing, if you got it, then you already know this. if you have gotten them in the past, then you expected nothing but amazing.

-friends that come home for christmas, please make me a priority: 1)eliza  2)family  3)food and other stuff

-my brother will, wrote in his final paper "they put their blood, sweat, and tears..." never ok. i spent 2 hours basically rewriting it. love ya will, but you owe me major. and you cannot write.

-i found out the hard way that the sweet abandoned kitty at our apartment has a home. false, a family once owned it and now doesn't want it. i feel like i can still have it. i was in the rescue process when i was shut-down. yes, i was doing all of this behind jeff's back.

-now i am obsessed with rescuing a kitty. dear petsmart, petco and humane society, we will see you soon.

-it's christmas eve.

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